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Wots good people? im new here so take me slow :glasses7:

I got a staffie 4 my bday.. i named him Busta & hes only 4 1/2 months. ill post more pics later on..

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Welcome to our "Family"! Your pup is a cutie!
Welcome he is a doll :wink: and Happy Birthday
Aww, he looks so innocent and cute! Welcome to the forum, glad to have you.
angie7349 said:
Welcome he is a doll :wink: and Happy Birthday
thanks shudve wrote dat i got him march wen he was 5 weeks.. :p

thanks every1! :D
now thats what i call a birthday present! nice puppy :D
Welcome! He is adorable. But, 5 weeks old? How come so young?
Very cute, happy b~day.

But yeah, why so young??Just curious, as they dont usually leave momma till 8 weeks.

Very cute though, and looks happy. Healthy?
He's a good looking pup! Makes me want a staffy!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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