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T-Rex - Freakiest AB I think I've ever seen pics of :O

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What a monster! Love me some T-Rex :love4:
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Are you sure thats a AB? Looks like a OEB to me..
Wow Ive never seen a AB that looks like that... I would have bet my house thinking hes a Olde English.. sure looks like one
redbull said:

Barbosa's Bulldoozy of Manstoppers

here's another freak. Is she not an american bulldog as well?

ps: she is directly related to the AB in my avatar, and produced by a well-respected and very well known AB breeder/kennel - Barbosa. Does he breed to create dogs just like this? No, but they do occur on occasion.

And BTW - One of her most famous daughters is CH. Nygaards Lexus of MANSTOPPERS WP III, CGC, WABA OB1, GDT, WB I, WB II, IWPA Reg.7…
Thats a Olde English Bully isnt it? ive seen TONS of AB's and none look like that.. :?
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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