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Taking me for a walk

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Can someone give me pointers on how to properly train Tashia to walk. Everytime I take her for a walk, she tries to drag me. My son that is 10 wants to walk her but I refuse to let him until I have her trained. Generaly when I walk her if she starts to pull too much I stop and say sit. This cant be good. She follows the order but proceeds to pull again.

It has been awhile since I have been on and posted. Tashia has done well since I got her. She is learning most things with ease but the walking is tough.

The only other issue I have with her is trying to train her owner to STOP feeding her people food. She has become a BEG monster and that pisses me off. Its my own fault. Anywho, thats another issue to work on. The walking is most important.

Thanks for the help, TashiasDad
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