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Tala on her best behavior...then breaking and entering

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I'm holding the camera in one hand and a marrow bone in the other, which makes for one well behaved Tala. :D

But, good manners never last long around here. After her bone, she decided she wanted in the house NOW!

Once she get's her anvil-like head in the door, there's not stopping her.

I tried to get some nice photos of Yote because his coat is looking so nice lately, but he wouldn't even look up from his bone for me.
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They are so cute! Yote is very unique looking! I love his coloring! Very adorable!
Love the pictures, isn't amazing just how well behaved they can be when you have something they want? :lol:
You need to post more pictures of Tala, it seems like ages since we last saw her.

I just love Tala, she is so beautiful. LOL at her "anvil shaped head" :lol: Her feet look so dainty!
Thanks everyone. Yeah, it's amazing how they suddenly remember all their obedience commands and do them almost before you even say it when there's really good food involved. :roll:
Tala's looking so shiny and beautiful these days! And Yote looks super tall!
yaaaaaahoooooooo my fav puppy love her
Tala is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! My favorite BT!!!
Thanks you guys. Yote really sprouted tall. He used to be this little compact cutie, and practically overnight he grew straight up to 25" at the withers. He's tall and lanky.
Shay78 said:
What kind of dogs are they?
Yote is an Australian Shepherd/Coyote hybrid, and Tala is a Bull Terrier.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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