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Tanks is now 7 moths old.. I dont know how much he weighs, maybe 50+lbs?? He is looking more and more like an adult dog every day... His head is getting bigger and his chest is filling out.

I took him for a walk today and while walking I saw a Siberan Husky pup (bout the same age) off leash, I thought Great... Well the Husky charged Tank and growled, Tank didnt make a sound just stood up on his back legs and basically wrapped his front paws around the pup and took him down. It was kind of funny, the other dogs owner came running over and apolagized. She asked what kind of dog he was, and is he aggressive. In all reality he has never been aggressive toward another person or dog. Well except for that one time my neighbors dog was barking and growling at my son in the back yard with Tank back there... He wasnt having any of that...

American Bulldogs are the best dogs Ever..


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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