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TASHA my new American Bulldog

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G'day Everyone, I'm new to this so I'll probably make a few mistakes. My name is Julius and I have just recieved my new, and first, American Bulldog pup. Her name is Tasha and she's 10 weeks old. Any advice on this breed would be muchly appreciated. I'll try to add a pic of her so you know who I'm talking about. Catch Ya.
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Welcome to the board and Tasha is quite cute.

:D G'day Debs, thanks for the welcome. Moose is cool, how old is he? It's after 2am here at the moment. Sasha's mum is Rose, AAA+ Australian Champion and her dad is Samo, Both from Full Boar Kennels, so she's got heaps of potential, I just don't want to let her down! I'll have to take a heap more pics and put some more on here. This site seems really good, I've already picked up a lot of helpful info. See Ya.
Welcome Jules! Tasha's adorable! :D
Thanks, So's Buster. I hope Sasha has a face like his when she grows up! Her mum is really ugly. I'll chuck a couple more pic's on then I'd better go to bed, it's now 3.35am, I've been up all night trying to learn as much as I can about my little baby. See Ya.
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:oops: Whoops, I just called Tasha Sasha, It really is late hey!
How cute!! I saw this, and thought the post was directed towards me. :lol: My name is Tashawna, but I go buy Tasha for short.

Your baby is a doll!
She's a cutie! The black on her pink nose is adorable. Welcome both of you to the boards.

BTW, I'm new to ABs, too. I just got my 8 month old boy, Rosie, a couple weeks ago. I've noticed 3 major traits: he's STUBBORN in every bone of his body, he's too smart for his own good and he's a goofball. :D
what a sweet heart ! :wink:
Welcome. Thats a cute little girl you have there. Hope you enjoy the forum.

advice for tash

its simple give her whatever she wants and cruise around with her.
Cute pup by the ear setting looks like she cutting teeth when they are teething theirs ears change so massage them during if you want nice setting. Also you migth want to start giving your puppy soem kelp in her diet to get that nose filled in god knows we all do for good pigment. Take it form me takes awhile to fill in so start now! 8)

:lol: Wow, Thanks everyone for all the replies & nice comments and all the advice too!!! I've been really slack today, was gunna take heaps more shots of Tash but forgot the camera. We both walked the tracks for hours today and she wore me out. She's really intelligent and great on the leash. She resonds to every command already, Pretty good for only 3 days work Hey! But she's been by my side for every one of the 72 Hours she's been with me so far. I'll post some more shots of her as soon as I can, won't be long. Thanks again all, See Ya Later. :p
Jules, Moose will be 11 months on the 1st of March. He is weighing in at around 80-85 pounds. He is the best dog with a lot of funny qualities. You will enjoy your baby very much. His pictures don't do him justice.

:D G'day Debs, Moose is so beautiful, is he pure bred? Hes gunna be an adorable dog. Tash is keeping me on my toes, shes very demanding which is great really. She aleady comes and lets me know when she has to go out, no mihaps since yesterday, You Beauty! See Ya. :wink:
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