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Teething like crazy

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I was playing with Grizwald and suddenly noticed blood all over the toy. He didn't seem to care but I looked in his mouth and holy smokes, there's a huge bloody hole where one of his molars was! We've found a few baby front teeth on the floor and I can see some larger ones coming in but WOW!

I'm kind of worried that it HURTS him! I imagine it does, but he's not acting like it. He's playing and eating normally. But it's gotta hurt. Should I just be confident he's a tough guy or is there something I should give him or do? He chews on Kongs and Nylabones and eats dry food, is there anything else that might help him through this?
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just let him tuff it out dogs have ben around for along time just watch his mouth so nothing gets infected and he should be fine in a week or two
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