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That bully smile

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Lately we have seen bellies,clothes, and embarrassing but what about that good old bully smile? I just love that face!!! Here is Tora's cheese

Aww what the helk here is Dober's grin too!!!
Do not tell my friend I put this picture on here she would kill me!!!
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I wish I could catch her lovely grin. She's sooo camera shy :(


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Every pic I see, MY smile gets wider! LOL :biggrin:

Here's Chopper's:


and Chyna's (she my mini almost bully!) LOL :lol:

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Here's Bogey's smile

Here's Bogey's sad face

Here's Bogey's angry face

And here's Bogey's sexy, mysterious look

Hehe. Poor Bogey has that long hang face where he looks sad all the time. Aww, but I love it. Well, here's one of him really "smiling."

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Its not a proper smile but its all i got
gonna have to chase her around with the camera again soon :)
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Think this thread may be my favorit so far! They are all so beautiful and HAPPY! Here is Zoe's smile (it's a wide one!)

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This thread just has me laughing and crying all the way through it. I just loved Dozer's smile with is big beautiful eyes. And Dexter wins funniest smile hands down and you have to give second place to Mo for wrangling through dirt for this picture. Everyone's dogs just have the cutest smiles and Bogey is just cool with his "I'll never tell look. Everyone just looks so happy that ----------------

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Love this thread! I was having a bad day until I saw all these great smiles! My bullies best smiles are in my banner :)
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