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gazar said:
LovemyPit said:
gazar said:
Great picture - hopefully it will reach the emotions of people.
It did! i just looked at it started crying! that pic on the right is so sad, its like he is just pleading you with his eyes to take him with you :(
My husband used to work the streets as a paramedic and people would ask all the time, "how can you do that?" . I have been on calls with him and found that I could help him without any problem - but everytime I look into the faces of these dogs and see that look - I fall apart. To look into those eyes everyday as you work there would surely make me fall apart or I would have a house, garage, back yard full of dogs. They say you cannot rescue them all - but the problem is if I worked there I would try.

That is exactly how I feel. I can see dead people all day long and it doesn't really bother me..well unless it is a child. You get me to looking at dead animals and I can't stand it! We have a crematorium in the clinic and I have had to help put the bodies in there and I almost fainted once when we had to lift a great dane that lived to be 12! If any of you know much about danes that is ANCIENT!!
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