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The living-room bully

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I have a problem with my 6 month old AB. I wonder if some of you have had a similar problems, I really could use some insight.

Haitis becomes very protective of certain areas or peope in the house at night, more so than any other time in the day and we have 2 other furry pets that share this house, a 9-year old Maltese mix named Dooie and a 2-year old Persian cat we call Mr. Whiskers.

Haitis' bully posture mainly resides in the living room area, where our family gathers after dinner but before Haitis came to live here, this was the time when Dooie and Mr Whiskers would enjoy laying on our laps, getting lots of attention.

Things are very different here now. If the bully has his way...Dooie and Mr Whiskers are not allowed in the living room, at night anymore and if they try to come in Haitis will lunge at them, growling and sometimes attacking them. This sends our other loveable pets running for cover.

Each and everytime he does this, I get on to the "Badboy" but I don't think he cares about getting the negative feedback, he is hellbent on keeping those other pets out.

On the other hand, in the mornings for instance, Haitis will roll around on the living room floor begging for Dooie to come give him kisses, or they'll tug on a toy together, wrestle around and have a good time but this kind of play is unheard of once the sun goes down.

Come evening time, Dooie is lucky if he can sit somewhere in the house that has a view of the living room. If the cat even thinks about showing his face around here, he is chased out PDQ.

Both have to walk like Ninja's to their foodbowls in the kitchen because if Haitis hears this commotion from the confines of the living room...he will swagger into the kitchen and take some names, if you know what I mean.

No animals have been injured since the making of this thread. What to do?

Kitty enjoying some outside time.

Dooie/Haitis baby pic
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Great advice from PeterC.

May need to try it with my goldie at meal times. :wink:
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