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Hey all. I joined the site a while back but never did get around to posting a pic of my pup so here he is. He's only 5 months old here and weighs in at 50lbs. He's now just over 2 about 85lbs and still seems to be filling out. We were told he was a pit/black lab cross but we're not sure. I have to share his adoption story.
My wife and I were talking one night and decided we needed a pup for our sons. When she asked what I wanted I told her that I wanted a male had to be black and white and part pit so he'd be sturdy enough for the boys to play with. She laughed and said good luck with that.
The next day one of my wifes girlfriends phoned and told us that she'd heard on the radio that there was a pup at the local shelter that was going to be out down that day. So we jumped in the car and went down to take a look. I almost crapped myself when the vet walked out of the back room with the dog that I had described to my wife the night before. We looked at each other, laughed and adopted him on the spot. He's turned out to be absolutely perfect. His temperment is just this side of saintly. Had to be fate.

I'll have to scan some current pics.

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