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my wife and I took our girls to a Pet festival here in south FL. I've never dressed up a dog before, and I've always thought it was silly, but I was kinda talked into it. We went with the whole Hula girl theme. They HATED those skirts, but they were a hit with the people there. I also did a little diplomatic work for APBT's. A bunch of people couldn't believe how easy going and obediant Maxi was. Which was excellent because they had 4 pitmix pups up for adoption at the festival. They had a brindle pup that had me quivering. He was stunning, with a white face. No pics. What was I thinking. Anyways here are the ones of the family. Enjoy!!

Maxi in her attire

Molly posing for the camera

The girls in my life

Me and the girls

The whole Family
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