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They're fighting like cats and dogs!!!

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Lately my old female cat has been antagonizing Pete into a chase - he thinks it's a game, I'm assuming, because he hasn't killed her yet. She doesn't think it's a game as she hisses and uses her claws on his face. They can't be in the same room any more, or even in the same area. Luckily she can retreat upstairs where he's not allowed, but he's always looking up there for her. I'm worried this might get out of hand and he will hurt her (or worse).
There doesn't seem to be a problem with the male cat, except he gets upset when he hears the dog snarling. He'll puff himself up and come stalking into the room to see what's going on. He has gone after Petey in the past when the dog and my husband are playing.
I need some suggestions pls on how to stop this, other than crating because I don't have one.
Thanks, Lisa
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fighting cats and dogs

I have the same problem with our youngest cat ( 2yrs old ) i never know when she'll take it into her head to go after our bully ( victoria who is 9 months ) , sometimes she'll rub abainst her and be so sweet and i think that she's finally figured it out, that she can't antagonize the dog, then the next time, she'll walk up to the dog and sink her claws into her face ! My husband told me last night while i was at work that the cat did it again, and sunk her claws into Victora and he thought for sure it was going to a dead cat, he managed to keep the dog from attacking the cat, pulled the claw out and locked the cat in the bedroom.( If i'm at home and see this happen, i give the cat a swat on the butt, tell her she's " BAD CAT !" and separate them. ) Sometimes it's like having a pair of bratty kids, and they have to be put in " time out " , the bad one goes into a " time out " room with a swat on the back side. So far the bully has decided to let the cat live, don't know why though... She's more than willing to take on our 2 year old doberman and it's gotten to the point where whe had to put in a half door in the kitchen to separate them all the time... we have to rotate them, can't let them in the same room for anything...
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My pit bull was scratched up by my roommate's cat a few times. He never did anything to the cat either I clearly remember once the cat was batting at the white tip on his tail he turned around to see who was touching him and she put bloody scratches down his muzzle. He never reacted though to this day if he sees a cat he just ignores it same with small dogs he doesn't even acknowledge that they exist. My other dog on the other hand likes to make them run LOL
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