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Things aren't going very good

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They are going GREAT!!!!! I wanted to share this with you. What love!

It's her first close-up!

I think they are a little out of order...sorry but you get the picture. They adore the kids and the kids adore them. I am such a happy Bully MOM!
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:) that is so cute. i love the matching "his" and "hers" collars :lol:
attitude said:
:) that is so cute. i love the matching "his" and "hers" collars :lol:
It's actually a hers and hers collar...Nikki is a girl too! :wink: I was gonna get them both the pink but it was too big for Nikki so we went with a blue paisley. They are both Blingin' it up with their Diva collars! Gotta love Wal-Mart!
U scared me with that post, I had to look twice to see where it said GREAT. Thats so awesome. Happy the new pup is doing good.
Great pics. Your son looked like he enjoyed being licked to death. :lol: :lol: So glad eveything is going well.

Quit scaring me with your post titles!!! :lol: Great pictures. They sure do look like they love your son! :)
Those are great pics! I love the closeup. She's got a great mischievous twinkle in those eyes. :D
I'd pinch you if I could for that title! Scared the bejimmeny out me! :D

They're so cute. I'm glad everything is going well with them.
Well from the look if things y ou must keep them together. I know, why not at your house on a perminant base! Love all the pictures.
They have short timed play together. We keep them seperated most of the time because Zena just dominates her. We are working on the potty training and OMG I forgot how much I hated this part. It's gonna take a while.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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