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gazar said:
Relief in everyone's heart is what those pictures are saying to me.
Glad you found him safe and 10 lbs heavier instead of skin and bone.
well at least the s.o.b feed him ! and he wasent a rake like you just said .. still hes got a apt with the vet tomorw for check up hes got a little limp going on and he been kinda head shy so i think the peace of shit was hitting him trying to make him mean i think you should have seen the collar (sp)i found on him i big as 1' spikes on it try yo go after the tuff dog look :twisted: i think iam going to take the spikeed collar and cram it up his you know what ! .... :wink: when i see him ! iv taking my pops advice revenge is a dish best served cold ! :) :twisted:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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