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This Dog Is Not Gonna Eat Again!!

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Ok so He growled at me again so I started feeding him in my hand, He kinda lunged at my hand as if I was not giving him enough, SO I took it all away from him! What else can I do because if he ever bites me that will be it.
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I am gonna take him soon as teh next class starts at PetSmart, I tried calling this other place but they never answered,, I dont understand, he listen to EVERYTHING I say and has never done anything like this before. This just started the other night, COuld it be because he just turned 6 months?
Ok Thanks Ladies! I will try it, I know he wont bite me because he would have by now but I do snatch my hand back. Next time he does this I will do this. I am gonna BLOW that other OB school phone off the hook tomorrow, Hopefully I can start him this weekend!
I will not hold him down then, I will let a professional trainer tell me what to do! Thanks everyone!
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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