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This F*#@ing dog kicks A$$

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sorry for the lang ....but my buddy just bought a pup produced for this guy him name is
Preacher ..not sure oof the ped or kennel ill be talking to him tonight MAN WHAT A DOG !
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Tinkerbell said:
Very nice!
just noticed the olschool swallows in your banner verry cool !
verry cool ! it's my favirot art to tattoo is old school !
redbull said:
Looks like a dog out of SS bulldog's.
Somethin Special fatboy slim or maybe one of his offspring. but that's just a guess
i think your rite Red i think he said he was talking to cheryl last month ill know better tommorw when i speek to him i know he got one of his bitches from them and his male is out of Slim good looking boy eh!
Bustersmommy said:
Good looking pup

BTW, I love your banner, did you make it???
no not me i suck at this comp stuff Faith Marie hooked me up !
crackerbull said:
i dont care for him much.front end and rear end looks messed up.not a functional dog.just bred for bully looks.its for sure a ss dog and no working or health testing over there..rs
and your males bobo front end is better :lol: now Cracker Boy thats a good looking AB !
BanterBull said:
verry cool ! it's my favirot art to tattoo is old school !
Off topic, thread hijack, but can anyone give me some internet sites to find some good old school tattoo/artwork. I'm looking for something for myself, but don't know where to look but the tattoo parlors.


i see if i can find some for ya check out your local verity store pic up a tattoo mag they got some good matteral in there
crackerbull said:
.thanks for the compliments on crackerboy..rs 8)
your welcome you got more pics of that boy ?
SugarBear said:
Not my kinda Bully....Too macho for me! I like mine just fine!
to each is own ...... he just ramindes me of what the old Time American Bulldogs use to look like .. verry bully and verry strong my kinda bully ! heres a link form gargoyle bulldog kennels he has a good colection of old school pics of some cool bully s ! :wink:

Gypsy said:
this pic wasnt workin other day but is now and man he is fookin lovely!

make sure u get pics of your mates pup
will do :wink:
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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