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I have a olde english bulldogge, boomer, he is now 4 1/2 mo'[email protected] first he was like this......I was a lil worried too, but we just corrected him each time....if he would bite too hard or growl we would sit him down and ignore him....now he has calmed down a whole bunch.......he still is a lil rough with our cat but they are use to eachother.....I dont know a whole lot about the pit bull breed...I have been scared of them for years after one bit my finger off (literally) in cincy after attacking my rotty........I know that wasnt the breed....just the individuals raising this paticular dog......but still i couldnt help the fear....i wasnt aware that OEBs were part pit but i fell in love with boomer.............I would think he prob is just being a puppy and not realizing he is hurting anyone...he will prob calm down
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