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sajoseph said:
Tomorrow is the day my Dixie and Daizy go in to be spayed.
I am so scared. Not so much for Dixie, but mostly for Daizy. I know Dix will be fine. Daizy, I am scared about.
I have heard contricting diagnosis about whether or not the anesthesia will effec her wrong or not. I have heard that because of her disability, it will set her back to where she was when she developed this problem. But the nuerologist insists that is not true.
What do I do if she wakes up a vege? I will absolutly die.
But if I dont spay her, she will have to be crated for up to a month when she bleeds, and that also sets her back.

Please pray for my girls tonight, pray hard, because I dunno what I will do if something happens to them.
i can imagine your anxiety!

have faith... the vets know what they're doing!

i was soooo scared for patch, and he's a boy... it's MUCH easier....
when we picked him up we had to check to see if they did the op.... cos he was the same old vibrant patch!

they'll be fine darls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
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