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Im going to just U/L a whole bunch on pics.

This is X-mas card picture taking time. In the begiing of the shoot it was going nice.

Heres the end. Can you tell how tired of those things they are.

My sister and her b/f were here for a few days. All snuggled up.

My buddy's dog karma that we were forstering for a little while has her 1st B-Day.

My sister buys a new Golden and my neice and nephew meet their new puppy when she gets home

Cuda playing with his new buddy.

Tired after playing for a while that lay down to take a nap.

Cudas 1st B-Day (Do those hats look familiar?)

NJ gets burried in snowstorm and cuda wants to help dig us out. (Note: Twas'nt my idea to dress up the dogs. In any of these pics.)

The snow is rather deep. He's quite big.

Our female Noodles all dressed up and ready to play in the snow.

Standing in the kitchen. (please dont mind ugly ass kitchen floor. We Rent.)

Cuda, Karma and Chief (My buddy rescued a bunch of dogs from some ass in our local slums. This is a pup he had to take back from someone cause he didnt feel that could adequetly care for it)

Puppy Sittin Pretty


Cuda's step brother Remo. And his old man.

Holding Remo so his pops could get a pic.

Thats enough for one thread ill start another one later.
Hope you enjoyed.


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those are awesome pics!! Greatttt looking doggys, sooo cute!
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