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Tora's 1st rampage

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I walked out of the room for just a second and this is what I found....You can see her total lack of respect for the broom I stopped taking picture when she started attacking the broom...I love the one where she is looking at Craig like" Why are you mad Daddy?" This is the 1st and last time a mess will be cute...I had to tell her "NO"and look mad but I was laughing in side

The room
Tora's face after I got on to her...

Dober "UH OH Momma is mad"

Sorry Mommy

That right you clean afte me!

What Daddy?
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Faith Marie said:
That is one of the times when you don't know whether to yell or laugh at them
God I remember those days LOL they make it so hard to tell them NO its that darn look they give you
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