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Yes she is. That is the crate I bought for Torco. But since he is small we let Chassis take the big crate. Chassis's crate is one size smaller. Her leg has been bothering her. So we put her bed in her crate to help her get some traction to stand up. She ate it as you can see. So we went out last night and bought her a thin bed for a crate. We went to dinner and came back 30 minutes later and she chewed it up also. I guess she does not like nice things. Torco on the other hand has never torn up his bed in his crate. Of course Chassis had already claimed 2 pillows when she was Torco's age. She is just destructive![/quote]

Tia is exactly the same with her bed, we have bought her 3 lovely comfortable beds and she has distroyed every single one :x So now all she has is a blanket to sleep on until she learns to respect her things lol :lol:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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