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toy sharing

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Our OEBD has this "thing" that my wife and I are trying to stop with no luck. She will be chewing on one of her toys getting it nice and slobbery. then she'll bring it over and put it on you. If you push her off it becomes a game that she does not get tired of. Of course our drycleaner loves it as it has doubled how often we are there.

Does anybody else have this issue? any idea on how to stop it?
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I would just ignore her everytime she brings the toy over. Just pay no attention to her or the toy and she'll get bored of that game.
Ahh...poor baby just wants someone to play with :lol:

But I agree with the above - just ignore her and she'll figure it out soon enough. She's too young to know any different right now. :D
I would take the toy away and ignore her....if she gives you the toy put it up and then ignore her
Bogart does this quite frequently. Usually I will just play with him for a bit, but if I ignore him then he gets the picture and just lays down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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