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I live in Atlanta and I want to start looking for a trainer for Tora, I know that she is way too young to start serious training if she will be able to do it at all..But I want time to search and research, research the trainer... Protection training is my ultimate goal..... I just wanted to get some advice from people that do heavy work with their dogs....Tora will be the 1st dog that I will be working with on level and I want her to have a good time doing this. I talked to a trainer a little today and he asked me what I wanted from her and well I froze.... I got scared to ask my goal is protection training bc I thought he might think I am Johnny crackhead that wants a mean dog....that could not further from the truth I want us to have an unbreakable bond and it to me it seems that protection is the ultimate in OB..He mentioned weight pull, tracking, etc but I know that it is not cruel to weights but I have NO interest in it what so ever...Other types of training I am open minded to
1st I have her basic OB under control but would it be in her best interest to work with the trainer from the start so that I am in perfect tune with them?
2nd I found a guy that was recommended but I don't know him from Adam so what should I look for, what can I ask or how can I tell that THIS Guy really knows his stuff? Awards?( I am sure that I could tell if he is a total idiot)
I know that I should have looked into this before I bought Tora but I had no intention of training her at this level
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