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I have picked up my Staffy and after 4 days he is finally acting a bit more sociable and the cat we have has stopped going into an agressive posture and just gives him a playful swat (mostly without his stubby clipped nails included) as he walks by.

Now that things have calmed down I was wondering, and feel free to respond with a link to previous thread, I am going to start training him to sit tonight, then move on to down then go from there. Can I take him out on a leash now, even though he tolerates his collar at best and has no idea what the leash is?

He is still shy with me (but, I am 6'2" 240lbs) and even hunched down I am still pretty imposing. I read on here in the 'building confidence' thread that using the embilical cord method works wonders with passive dogs. I am not sure if mine is passive or still adjusting to a new home but, sometimes he will come right up to me and other times he will do the jumping around 3 feet from me and when I reach run to a corner and come back in a few seconds. Will the umbillical cord method be a good way to bring him out of his shell faster.

He is 5 months old.

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