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OMG is this hard! I got poor Daizy stumbling around, Im helping her and in the mean time, the brothers are duking it out behind the sofa.
They cant walk past each other without a nip or a smack.
Even walking on a leash, whoever is in front is getting their tail nipped constantly.
They pass, and tackle each other. It is a never ending thing. They arent fighting per say, its roughhousing. They never quit. They know when I tell them to stop, but they go around the corner to start again.
They can be dead tired, and pass each other and start.

Anyone ever have littermates before???
Im afraid if I cant control it one day they will really get into it. Kato is 25lbs and Chocy is 15lbs. So its not even fair............exccept where kato has size, chocy has speed!!!Lol.
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