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Training pics and video of my girl.... Big Smooch

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Thought I would post some up. Haven't put many of my girl training lately. Always seem to be so focussed on my big guy!!

Here she is doing a finish. I really love this feature my friends camera has. Can take up to 5 shots in a row real fast. If I scroll them through ACDsee they look almost like a video clip!

Here she is doing a blind search

and for good measure a short video clip of her doing some foundation protection training


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Great pictures Lisa. Smooch is such a beautiful girl!
nice pics lisa.that blind search looks like it is comin along really nice. but it looks like you have the same problem with that left shoulder that i do, lol
Smooch is so pretty! Great photos!
SHe looks like she loves her job! What a beautiful girl too!
she looks great lisa looks to have put on some weight and muscle mass too looks verry good on her !
She looks happy too!
Good girl Smooch!! She's looking great, Lisa!
Nice pictures! I love running shots!
She's really coming along nicely, Lisa!! Great pics , thank you for posting them! I would comment on the video, but my PC "don't do video".. I think it would blow up at the attempt! LOL!
Great pics Lisa!!! 8) Smootch looks great! i know i love that feature on my camera too you get good footage! Blind search looks great! Keep up the good work!
I don't know anything about what you're doing in the pics....but I love 'em anyway!! Such a great looking girl. always happy to see pics of your "kids". :D
Thanks everyone!!

Smooch is a very happy dog! She is a fun dog to work with that is for sure!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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