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Training tribulations

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Well, damn. Get one problem solved and now on to another...

Did 4 sessions of bitework with Smooch today since I left Rosco at home and it would seem that we have ler lack of barking solved. 4 sessions of excellent barking. YAY!! Its been such a long time coming!! So now we have to get her targetting better. Would seem she is having problems with that in the long bites :x launching too soon and missing her target. Its funny because from a stationary position she launches a little slow..the opposite problem. It's always something. That's training I guess!

Thanks for listening to my rant!
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I would also like to ask what age is your dog?

Soemtimes problems are just a matter of maturity. Please forgive my bluntness but introducing a Bungee for targeting wasn't the best idea for targeting. A Bungee is used extensively for bite building. It is also used for dogs who like to transfere their bite from one spot to another and for those who "chew" on a bite also.

You'd be better off (considering we haven't seen the dog nor know its age) attaching the line to a "drag" (could be a tire) and build from there. Yet don't forget that nothing substitute experience. If its a matter of inexperience, then once she gets her "distance" figured out you'll see it all come together. Hope this helps, happy training.
Sounds like a plan Lisa!

One more thing, don't forget about the plateau. At sometimes in their lives, dogs will reach a training plateau. You'll see them suddenly act as if they have little training or even no training at all. This has nothing to do with maturity or training. But it is the tiem to give your dog a small vacation. Anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks, depending on each individual. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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