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Training tribulations

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Well, damn. Get one problem solved and now on to another...

Did 4 sessions of bitework with Smooch today since I left Rosco at home and it would seem that we have ler lack of barking solved. 4 sessions of excellent barking. YAY!! Its been such a long time coming!! So now we have to get her targetting better. Would seem she is having problems with that in the long bites :x launching too soon and missing her target. Its funny because from a stationary position she launches a little slow..the opposite problem. It's always something. That's training I guess!

Thanks for listening to my rant!
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I like the bungee for improving the targeting on the long bite.... IMO it puts the dog in slow motion so that the targeting of the grip can be easier controlled by the decoy. We give the dog many sessions and then we start with short bites (10 yards w/ no line or loose line) and build distance back up. It has also helped with dogs that are slow... again this is a situational tool to improve certain aspects of performance. Some dogs just don't need it.

This is what I like about training.... it's not cookie cutter and if it is maybe we should re-think what we do.
attitude said:
Lisa said:
What did you not like about the bungee, attitude?
you tend to lack enough control with it, specially if it is a heavy one. it can be useful to set a good bite i suppose but you can also do some damage if the dog misses the bite and the bungee is extended. good leash handling can accomplish the same end, imo
We always take the bungee and stretch it out as far as we can pull (dog should be able to reach this distance) it and mark the ground for the decoy. The nice thing about the grip side of working the bungee is that the dog quickly realizes that if he is munching on the sleeve he will lose the bite with consequences... :shock:

Another benefit for me is that.... I can work the dog longer on the grip without the handler getting tired; it is just me against the dog and bungee!

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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