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Last night Tripod left us unexpectedly. We thought we were finally getting the Addison's under control but her BUN was off the charts and her kidneys just gave up. It happened very fast, over the past 2 days she slowly went downhill and within a few hours last night she was gone. Hopefully this is the end of all the sadness here, some of you may remember just one month and 2 days ago we lost our 2.5 yr old AB male to unknown causes.

It was very sad loosing Tripod but now she is free from almost weekly vet visits to check bloodwork or give steroid injections to keep her comfortable. She is also free from her failing kidneys causing her to feel nauseous and her eyes to turn bright red and weep constantly. Addison's isn't so bad if it's under control, but when they don't respond to therapy, it's hell on pet and owner.

R.I.P. Tripod

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:cry: Poor Tripod, at least she is much more comfortable now. I am truely sorry for you loss.

Please let this be the end of a bad few months for you

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I am so sorry that you all are going through this again, I remember you posting about your other dog, They are in a better place now and I pray that you and yours getting through this...You certainly have the support of the board

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I am so sorry for your losses.

Request From Rainbow Bridge

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years.
There is no pain, I suffer not,
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.
"In Loving Memory of Isolde Jenkins"
"Copyright 1992 Constance Jenkins, All Rights Reserved"

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I can't imagine how difficult a time this is for you, it is such a
terrible loss. It is so sad to hear of someone losing such a loved pet!
Having lost my 13 yr old dog last spring, I know that time will heal your pain.
I am truly sorry!
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