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A few questions for you.....
(1)you already have frenchie pups for sale on your site..are you advertising for a friend or are you a importer or broker?
(2) You have no pictures of parents or pedigrees of any of the pups listed..why is that?
(3)You only have a one year health guarantee..why only a year...and what is your health guarantee?
(4) What are you hoping to accomplish by adding another breed?
(5) Do you work/show/health test your breeding stock?
(6) What registry are your dog's registered with?
(7)I noticed your pup prices are as high if not higher than many pups from titled, health tested parents...are your pup's out of titled, tested parents? If not, how do you justify asking such high prices?

I just felt I had to ask...anybody who sells pups but offers little to no information on thier breeding dogs and program goals raises a huge red flag with me.

To answer your original question, I beleieve you encounter many similar problems with EB's and Frenchie's, although I am sure as a breed, they have some of their own issues. You may want to contact a reputable Frenchie breeder or check out AKC's website for more information on genetic issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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