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We all know how we love our bully breeds. We all know the names they receive in the public's eye. So we are hold the 1st Annual Bully-A-Thon. It will be filled full of venues you and your dog can do to enjoy the time together, but also made public to let people realize they are not the horrible animals many think. And to try and put a stop on the BSL list.

We will be having a protection tournament given to you by the one and only SWK crew. A huge thanks goes out to then for this help.

Learn to weight pull, obedience and more.

ALL dogs and breeds are welcomed to come. Small to large. But all dogs must be handled with respect to others and also responsibly.

Please feel free to cross post with permission. Lets make this a huge hit!!!!!! Lets also show people what a true Bully really is!!!! For more information call or email John or Melissa

215-910-8764 Cell
[email protected]

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