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debs said:
As you all know I was confused on how my sweet Moose gets very agressive with dogs who bark at him as I am walking him. Carrie gave some good advise and I am doing what I was advised to as well as giving him commands and then rewarding him as he does it correctly. Well today we went for our walk and boy he did SO well. My arm was relaxed and he healed then the dog issue. I gave him the command and he listened. He did not lunge at the dig or even try to pull towards it. I was so happy. I have been practicing with him on a daily basis. Thing are looking up.
Thought you all would like to know that with repeating the same thing gets them to know and listen to you. :D
yeh! well done Moose...and it is all about consistances and praise, well done BOTH of you :)
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