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Update Picture-Dry flakey nose??? Help!!

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Ok our dog Zeke has had this spot on his nose for about a week now, at first I thought it was just dried up mud but on closer inspection it is like dry flakey skin on his actual nose/nostril ... it is on the right side of his nose... I have tried to take a picture but he wont sit still long enough and they keep comming out blurry, I will have to get my hubby to help hopefully I will get a pic up here tomorrow to show you what it looks like.... Anyway has anyone else experienced this, it kinda looks like maybe he got a sunburn and the skin is flaking??? It has not gotten any bigger or smaller and really has not changed any in apperance, does not look raw or anything just a patch of dry skin on his nose, but when you touch it, it is kinda rough but none of the skin will flake off.... it does not seem to bother him and i have seen him lick his chops after getting a treat and such but even that moisture does nothing to it, the rest of his nose is normal and looks fine......

This is the best picture I could get, the lil bugger would not sit still..I guess he is camera shy..LOL!!
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HHMM that is interesting maybe there is not enough humidity in your house, try getting a humidifier(Sp?) .........A dog's nose is wet according to how humid the air is so maybe a humidifer would help.................Looking forward to everyone elses answers
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