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update to: My dog thinks my cat is a chew toy

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wanted to update everyone to my post a while back on how my dog would not leave my cat alone and was roughhousing with him.... after a couple of body rolls (quite a few....) - i am VERY happy to report that KitKat (10 y/o cat) and Trouble (1 y/o puppy) are happily cohabitating in our house.... now that we established that KitKat is OUR cat - Trouble does not chase/antagonize him as much... we no longer fear bloodshed - but we do still separate them while we are gone from house (no use in tempting)....

thanks to all who offered help...

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we have 4 cats ranging from kitten to 5+ year adult and my girl loves them to death. never had a problem with any cats. other dogs would be a different story.
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