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update to: My dog thinks my cat is a chew toy

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wanted to update everyone to my post a while back on how my dog would not leave my cat alone and was roughhousing with him.... after a couple of body rolls (quite a few....) - i am VERY happy to report that KitKat (10 y/o cat) and Trouble (1 y/o puppy) are happily cohabitating in our house.... now that we established that KitKat is OUR cat - Trouble does not chase/antagonize him as much... we no longer fear bloodshed - but we do still separate them while we are gone from house (no use in tempting)....

thanks to all who offered help...

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kitkat actually tempts trouble now -- it's kind of funny -- he'll walk right on up to trouble - hit him with his tail - and then take off --- meanwhile trouble is looking at us with eyes that say "you have got to be kidding!!" when we eat, both trouble and kitkat sit at feet now for pieces of meat to drop - it's kind of cute and funny :eek:)
that is soooo funny!!!
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