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URGENT READ- Dog Food Recalls - UPDATES Post Here

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All pet food recall threads have been merged to keep them
together. Please post any others in this thread. Thank you.

2013 Pet Food Recall List | Pets Adviser

Does anyone feed diamond lamb and rice? If so how do your dogs do on it?
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Thanks Paul for the heads up. Hope all is going well in your world. :)
Interesting how it's different store to store :-k

Yeah, it would be interesting to know the differences between a
southern customer in Florida and a northern customer in Canada.
Must be a lot of differences between the two areas.

There definitely is in pizza :laughing6:
Yeah, I can see where northern customers would prefer fish - but does the fish
kibble seem to be better for the dog's coat over the other types?
But Paul - what is different in the fish kibble to do this other than the fish?
I know that some fish are oilier than others but I would think that both fish
oil or chicken fat/oil would do the same for a shiny coat.
I could be wrong but I think because it is dangerous for the humans who may touch the food?

There has already been 14 or more deaths reported of people who have
handled these dog foods.
I am in no way defending the Diamond company but there have been 14 people reported as becoming ill and of those 5 have been hospitalized. As of May 8, there have not been any deaths reported.

You are right, oznog. I apologize for misspeaking. Thank you for catching that for me. :)
You know people - they think they will never get hurt. ;)
Thanks for the update, Paul.
I was sent this notice in my email. This was the only link they sent:

2014 Pet Food Recall List | Pets Adviser

Just recieved this email notice of the recall being expanded.

2014 Pet Food Recall List | Pets Adviser
Thank you for letting us know. :)
Maker: Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc.
Cause: Potential for pentobarbital.
Announcement: Dog Food Advisor and a letter to retailers dated February 28, 2017
What was recalled: 12-ounce cans of the following products:

  • Evanger’s Hunk of Beef: Item #776155
  • Evanger’s Braised Beef: Item #776150
  • Against the Grain Pulled Beef: Item #776107
Petful first reported on the expected expansion on February 20, 2017. This expanded recall confirms our original information. According to Evanger’s, no additional cases of illnesses have been reported with the recall of these newly-recalled products. No lot numbers or UPC codes were issued in this notice. Please view the recall pages of Evanger’s and Against the Grain to see their full recall histories.
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Yes, anyone can post a product here that has been recognized as having problems or been recalled. It helps to keep our fur family healthy.
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