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Nylabone Summer Picture Contest

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***VOTE NOW *** Nylabone Summer Picture CONTEST

9500 Views 55 Replies 22 Participants Last post by  QueenKoopa24
Happy summer everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the warm weather and taking advantage of it with your family and dogs (and/or pets).

I know you guys love a contest and even better, a contest with a prize. One of our amazing sponsors, Nylabone, has graciously offered a wonderful prize for our summer picture contest. Here are the details:


During the month of July, Nylabone Products would like to give all members a chance to win $50 worth of Nylabone dog chews, treats, and toys!

Nylabone manufactures dog bones, chews, treats, and toys designed to meet the chewing needs of any dog - no matter the breed, size or chew strength. Check out their website to find a product that’s perfect for your dog or connect with Nylabone on your favorite social media sites! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


The winner will receive $50 worth of Nylabone dog chews, treats, and toys!


1. Post a picture of your furry friend in this thread.

a) We are allowing each member to submit TWO pictures only (in the interest of keeping the contest under control). If you submit more than TWO pictures, we will only accept the first TWO pictures you post.

b) The theme is SUMMER. You get to go and have fun with you dog and take a picture of it. That's it. Easy peasy.

c) While we love humans, this contest is really about your dog. Remember that.

d) You do NOT have to post TWO pictures.

e) If you do choose to post TWO pictures, you can post one on one particular date and come back and post the second one at a later date as long as it doesn't get posted past the submission deadline.

f) You CANNOT ask the moderators/admins to delete a picture you post (in case you were thinking of changing your mind as to what picture you want submitted). Please choose carefully before you submit your picture for the contest.

g) By submitting pictures in this contest, you are agreeing that it will be available for everyone in the internet world to see. We do not have the time to go back and forth and delete them afterwards.

2. The contest is open to everyone (moderators included).

3. The winner will be determined via a vote by the community.

Contest Dates:

July 5, 2011 - Open for picture submissions

July 22, 2011 6pm EST - Picture submission deadline.

July 25, 2011 - Voting begins

July 29, 2011 6pm EST - Voting closes
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Alls fair when it comes to our "bully dogs" ;)

Love the last one, Sara - Orson can't help it
if he is so photogenic. :)
above the water

under the water
Omg loveeeeee that under water pic lol
Which options do u guys use to post the pics bigger? I only get thumbnails
If you post from your computer file they will post up as a thumbnail.
If you use an account, such as photobucket, then they post up
as a regular photo.
Not fair Orson is a celebrity!!!
HAHAHA TRUE!!! How are we supposed to compete with that??
above the water

under the water

I just love him! Orson is such a clown!
but.....neither one of those photos has won any contest, so those aren't "famous photos"
That's like posting a picture of Brad Pitt that hasn't been published haha. I am working hard trying to get pics but the dog's haven't been in the mood for photo taking lately. Good shots but not good enough compared to the awesome pics in this thread!
WOW I had a hard time deciding what photos to submit! I narrowed it down to these two...

This one is of Hudson and LittleFoot playing with their best friends, Darla (Border Collie who normally does not like to play but is in love with Hudson), Cricket (a random rescue mix, she is the black one, she was brought in to be euthanized her owners when they said she was "hit by a car", it was apparently unlikely based on injuries. My friend instead offered to fix and keep her, now she only has mild arthritis and lives happily ever after) and Trixie, a random little white mix thing that was rescued from a hoarding incident in our town, a woman kept 30 dogs in her trailer! So our dogs are playing tug of war with their dogs. (Yes, mine won)

This next one shows one of Hudson's favorite things to do, in or out of snow, but since its summer, snow is replaced with dirt. He eats and digs and rolls and plays. Nice.
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Jessie thinks there are several ways to spend a nice summer day.

Dozing in the shade is one way.

Another is one of his very favorites. Eating fresh Jersey Corn on the Cob!!

With the severe heat we've been having he's been spending most of his time inside going through his vast Nylabone collection. His favorites are his double action and the souper. He also has many regular large ones in various flavors, as well as the ring... the ball, the wishbone... ok... he's Nylabone spoiled!! He's never chewed up something he wasn't supposed to though. Go Nylabone!!
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Emma goes tubing!

We do the same with our huskies at the lake house. We haven't gone with Sunni yet, and I know she's going to do the same thing. Love it! :D
Closed to submissions. Voting will begin monday the 25th.

Any pictures submitted after this post will not be accepted. Thank you for your submissions!
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