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This is similar to the other thread going on, but my problem is a little different. Dozer has been going to obedience for a while now and he is really good. He will heal really nice when I want him to. But when I go for just an excercise walk I don't want him to be right beside me being perfect. I want to allow him to sniff and walk around and have fun, not having to pay full attention to me all the time. I want to do this with out him pulling me around, Is this to much to ask??

I don't think I need a prong collar at this point, cause he is not very bad. I tried what I've read in books, just to stop every time they pull. Well I've done that for the last week and it doesn't make a difference at all. He just looks at me, wondering why I stopped then pulls again.

So last night I started to give him a tug every time he pulled and that worked, but my trainer at obedience said never to do that, and it did seem like it hurt his feelings a bit, he didn't look like he was having much fun. I wasn't tugging hard, just enough to get his attention.

Maybe I do need a prong, I don't know.
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