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Theres a couple of things i would suggest but first i would just say keep up with the obedience & that should atleast help abit?

First i would try grabbing his attention alot more although i do understand like you said you want him to have a little sniff around etc & not allways wondering about you but this is probably the easiest way...

I would just walk around with some of his favourite treats & hold them in your free hand low so he can smell them as you walk & this should keep his eyes on your hands & keep him next to you so every few feet to start you give him a treat then slowly build it up to its not until alot further & further then your there "eventually lol"

You can also try this... start walking with him on his leash having him on your right hand side now every time he pulls turn right crossing over him, i know you may start walking in circles to start but eventually depending on how smart & stubborn your dog is he will realise that he cannot pull like this & he has to follow your actions & watch where your going!

Hope that helps?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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