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I had to take Philo to the vet today b/c her rear paw is infected, again. It became infected a few months back, but we were thinking a wound or a bite of some kind. She has all these little bumps(warts)
on this paw. The vet said it is probably human papilloma virus.
She said it is contagious, but it is only on the hind leg right now. She said dogs tend to develop an immunity
to these after about age 3. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Has anyone had a problem with Bull Mastiff puppies and warts in the mouth? If so, what do you do? The vet says it will go away in 3 months, but my puppy has hundreds!
Canine papilloma virus is similar to human pv.

I know this is going to be gross & many will not want to hear this, but what I have to say is a proven preventative against future warts (of the same variety).

Go to your vet & have them cut it off, then feed it to your dog. Wrap the wart in something yummy if you have to (although many dogs will just eat it anyways.........yuck).

One of the old school vets I work with taught us this when my pit bull, Sukari, had a mouth full of cpv. The inside of her mouth looked like a cotton farm. We cut a small few of them out & then fed them to her. Within a short time, the remaining ones cleared up on their on & she has yet to have a reoccurance.....2 years later. This was something I had struggled with her for a full year, I we were all tired of cutting these things off.

Good luck! :p
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