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Water Gobbler(video)

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Orson having fun starting at one end of water and gobbling it up.
If it is choppy and buffering, pause it for a minute and let it all download, then play. Hope
that tip helps, its what i had to do.

Any one know of a better video site, i tried photobucket but the quality for me is terrible??

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Oh my gosh what a goofball!! That is so cute. I love how he keeps doing it over and over. He must be like: "what the heck-I just ate that thing and it keeps coming back!!" :lol:

Now Bogart wouldn't go near that thing!! He hates the water.

I haven't tried any hosting sites for videos, but lots of people have been using youtube.com.
i'm gonna check out youtube.

Orson is very OBSESSIVE about things! If i let him, he would keep going back to
that water stream till he drowned.
I can't even water my outdoor plants without him jumping in front of hose :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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