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Maria W said:
Chopper will try anything at least once! He eats watermelon, cantelope, oranges, apples, pears, nectarines, banannas (but they have to be still a little bit on the green side). He stole the banannas off the kitchen counter today. Bought 5, have 2 left. Let's see...carrots, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes. I'm staying away from the broccoli because I'm afraid it'll give him gas.......and those Silent but Deadly's are enough to chase anyone away! I did read that tomatoes in large amounts are not good for the dog & especially the tomato plant leaves are toxic. I forget where I read that. Maybe www.peteducation.com?

It's funny at our house..we've got 2 cats & Chopper. Chopper will take any opportunity to get to the cat's food. He absolutely loves the cat's food. We actually have a barricade set up at the powder room door so he can get in. The cats both go over to Chopper's bowl & eat his dog food. He eats DVP Duck & Potato.

My EB has bad gas anyways. Can't avoid the "silent but deadly", so I wouldn't notice the change by broccoli. (Between by boyfriend and dog my house sometimes smells so bad you can almost taste it... haha)
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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