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We got a new dog! (LOTS OF PICS)

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Cute, huh??

I think I see something under the covers...

It's Mercedes! (the blankets a little dirty, its her blanket;)
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LMAO! I was thinking, "Isn't 3 enough?" :lol:

Very cute pics!
...cute! All 4 of them! :D
:lol: Fooled us :wink:
:oops: I did that once...got inside Orson's crate and my fiance took a pic. :oops: dont think i'll be posting that one! :lol:
Hehe, too cute!
now if you can get the mostly bald on to listen! j/k. cute pics!
aww what cuties! :D
cute i've thought about putting my son in the crate a few times
He wanted to go in there! He's so goofy
heheh. I think the first three will be easier to train! :lol:
Well I do have to say your new "pup" has got the puppy dog look down good! You better hide him from the ladies! LOL
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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