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We Want Justice! Intro with lots of pics!

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Hey everyone! I'm new here but I've been lurking for a while at least until I got an intro up. My husband and I recently adopted a 2 year old English Bully named Justice. We looked for ages before we came accross his ad on Petfinder - and it's a good thing we found the ad because he is the pefect dog for us!

We knew right away that we were going to make sure he had the trainging and attention he needed to be a good dog. According to his owner, he was good with kids, cats, and other dogs. Unforunately, she was wrong about the last one, but that's alright, bullies aren't really known for their ability to play nice with other dogs. We always keep him on a leash and never let him just run willy nilly with other dogs.

And now for the fun part :)> Heeeeeere's Justice!

Sleeepy dog.

Playing with gramps (Gramps has nicknamed him Porterhouse, after a team mascot, I forget which, so now Justy responds to that too!)

Sticking his nose where it certainly doesn't belong.

Frog doggin' it.

And I guess that's enough for now. He enjoys going to the park to watch our softball games (Although leaving the balls alone is torture sometimes!), short dips in the pool as long as there's someone there to hold him under his belly while he tries to swim, and trying to catch the clothes line (he'd have it too if it wasn't so high up!).

He goes for his first consultation this friday. He really is a good dog, but we're working on him with sharing his toys. We can take them from him and sometimes he growls, but as soon as we reprimand him, he knows he's screw up. Sometimes he won't even take the toy back and he just sulks! He's never tried to bite, he's not posessive over food what so ever, and he LOVE S when you get down on the floor to play with him.

I'm sorry to ramble, I just love our baby :). I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.

~Stef, Jamie, and Justy
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What a sweetheart!!! He is absolutely adorable!!! I get my first English Bulldog on Saturday, and I am SOOOO excited, and I guess we have something in common!!! :)

Welcome!!!! :)
What a doll! I would absolutely love to have an EB some day. My plate is rather full right now, but someday! Sometimes Bullies take tough love...but they're worth every minute of it! Enjoy your boy and welcome to the forum! (You must know us here...LOL....cuz we ALWAYS want pictures :lol: )
Ack! Some of my pictures are screwey. I'll hafta fix those. Stupid photobucket lol.

Thanks for the welcome guys. I can add more pics to this thread :). I never get tired of showing him off. I can have the worst day at work, come home, and I'll see his mug and stubby tail wagging and it makes me happy again.

Justice loves being told he's cute, just watch out, his kisses are slimey!

:lurk: Welcome super cute dog you have there
Cute kid.

You get my vote for the best banner line here.
I have a 7 month English Bully and it's okay to ramble because they become your kids so fast. My babies name is Lincoln and his funny antics always entertain us. Can't wait until I download some pics to show everyone! :)
Thanks everyone :). I definitely need to upload some better pictures. Pictures really are great here - I like to just browse threads for the pictures and that keeps me perfectly happy lol.

This forum really is great. There are arguments all over the place, but that's what makes it an educational experience. You get to read from multiple perspectives, and that's what's really helpful.

What a guy and look at those "toofers" :wink: Welcome. :D
Thanks for all the welcomes guys! And just for fun -

And just to update, he did really well at his consultation. $190.00 later for an hour and a half of one on one attention, and we can now get him to sit, stay, lay down, wait, and sometimes give us his toys (with no more growling, just stubbornness). BUT, the trick is to get him to do this in a chaotic environment which isn't successful yet. He will be in formal group classes soon :).

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I love the tounge pic! Vito also sleeps with his tongue sticking out... I usually stuff it back in and he looks at me like, "ok... what NOW!" I'm just paranoid that it's going to dry up and fall off! I know... highly unlikely, but it does get a little crispy out in the open air! Justice is a great looking dog though... he looks big like Vito... how much does he weigh?
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