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websites for supplements/meds?

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I was wondering which websites everyone gets their vitamins and medication off of. I use revolution for worms and fleas and it is rather expensive. I was thinking about trying to find it online to see if it was any cheaper.
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1800PetMeds.com & dog.com are two sites that I have had great experiences with. Pet Meds however is just that a Pharmacy... no toys or treats. As far as supplements go though, I dunno...

I would recomend checking out dog.com for all the misc stuff that you are looking for...
www.valleyvet.com, I haven't got anything for dogs on there, but have gotten lots of horse meds.
here are the two i use frequently:


Thanks everyone. I check them out and let you guys know if the prices are better. Do any of you use Revolution? I used to use Intrceptor but my vet said Revolution prevents ear mites as well as worms and fleas. It just gets so pricey! :shock:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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