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PeterC said:
There is another reason. LOVE. My female did this. Right on my bed. Actually, my male did it as well.
It could be a urinary infection. However, for me, the dog just loved the owner's scent. They want to mark it as their territory. So they pee on it. You just say no, while you catch it on the act and life goes on.

I have also seen my male pee on the hamper too. We have since corrected his mannors.
AHA! I had this problem, my females would pee on my bed! They are both fully house trained.

It got so frequent that I bought a plastic sheet cover and put it under my sheet so the pee wouldnt sink into my matress......eww. I was so pissed at them. They stopped because the bedroom door is now ALWAYS shut.

But why ONLY my bed.....not the couch, clothes??? That has my scent on it too.
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