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Weight Pull

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Ok well ive been looking into weight pull ever since Hank was a pup and hes about to reach the year and a half mark and i would like to start. I have read up on the IWPA rules and the baiting of dogs with treats is not allowed and some say is a very dangerous practice, but to start a dog out wouldnt it help not to actually bait the dog when starting to train but more reward him with when he does pull. Would this be bad or no ? Will this get the dog into a habit of wanting something when he gets done and lets say if he does excel at it and i wanted to go to a meet or something would they allow this ?
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Some clubs allow bait, others do not. AADR allow bait. However, if you are going to teach your dog and train him fresh, train w/out using bait. This way you can aompete in any sanctioned wp event, even ones that do not allow bait.

Using bait can be dangerous, the dog being so worked up that by the time he reaches you he bites your hand for the bait, it has happened. Also, once the timer starts, the dog cannot touch you, therefore if you are next to him, or close to him, and he touches you reaching for bait, disqualification.

I am training using words and lots of love. Also, I have used cookies, but intermitently, not every time. I used them to teach them the pull command while walking on the leash, and the first couple of times to get thm from the stay command to the pull command, making them realize they have got to come to me.
But not every time.

Best bet, no bait.

If ya need info on wp and getting started, lemmie know, I have a few very knowledgable links donated by very reputable pros in the sport!
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Yes please do id like to read up on all i can before i start. Thanks for the help.
I like this site. It is one of the more complete ones.
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