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AkainePSP said:
Ok I have a question? When I took Harley in to the vets on 12/30/05 she weighed 65 lbs. Today when I took her in she weighed 74lbs. Am I feeding her to much? She is about 9 months old and I have been feeding her 6 c. of Diamond Lamb & Rice for large breed dogs per day. And a treat here and there but I've cut down on those quite a bit. 2c. 3x's a day. Shes not fat and has great muscle tone. I just don't want her to get fat.

Most importantly! What has your vet said about her weight? To me she sounds like she is at a good weight, in my opinion you need to ask your vet he/she would know best! She may just be in a growth spert period.
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