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I recently switched my dog food from pro plan puppy to wellness know she having running poop.....i also did a slow switch by mixing the food for a week..............Willl her body adjust or should i take her off wellness..........
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Wellness is a great food but all dogs react different to different foods. For example, my older dog , Rosco. With him, Wellness is actually one of only a couple of foods that he does NOT get a soft runny stool from. Most others all seem to give him a problem. My female Smooch, can pretty much eat any kibble without a problem. You could keep trying for a little while longer and if things don't improve you may have to try the dog on something else. There are many foods that do compare to Wellness in quality. You just need to find one that your dog tolerates well. Good luck.
I had Bear on Wellness. It gave him soft stool all the time. I switched him to DVP Duck & Potato and he has done great on it.
Wellness gave Chassis soft stool, also. We switched her to Innova.
Thx guys will try wellness a little longer if things dont chage i will change the brand and recommendations
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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